Hi, I'm Maria. But most of my friends call me Selly.

I am a dedicated wife and mother who love to craft and create a delicious dish for my wonderful family. I like to cook since i was a child. I like to wander around in my mom's kitchen and pretend to cook and help my mom. I'm not sure if i was helping or disturbing her back then. Oh.. love you, Mom.

I'm not native English speaker. I was born and raised in a small city in Indonesia. In 2006, I got married, gave birth my 1st kid, and graduated from my university. 3 years later, I and my daughter moved to Netherlands to join my husband who is currently working as a software engineer. Since then, I started to try to cook more for my family. Cooking is not my hobby anymore but it becomes my passion. I never considered to make a blog until few months ago. I started to share and discuss recipes with my friends. One of them suggested me to make my own blog and it turned out to be fun. 

I'm trying to write some geeky stuff in my blog as well because I studied food science and nutrition when i was in university. It's challenged me and help me to refresh and improve my knowledge. I find that it is interesting to know the science story behind my food.

I'm still amateur and not a pro food photographer as well. If you want to say hi or have some advice or comment, do not hesitate. You are very welcome to leave it in here. I'd love to hear it from you.



  1. Nice to find your blog here Selly.....
    Lovin to found some indonesian food blogger around the world...
    keep sharing and inspiring then!
    Dedy @Dentist Chef

  2. Hallo mba Selly, salam kenal....
    nice to see your blog, your recipe is a must to try :)

    1. Salam kenal juga ^^. Feel free to try one or some those recipes. I hope you'll like it.