Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My daughter was celebrating her 8th birthday last month. She's getting bigger, smarter, and prettier. She asked me a tier cake for her birthday cake. On no!! I never made a tier cake before. Beside I don't have a small baking pan for it. I only have 9 and 8 inch baking pans and I don't really want to use it to make her tier cake because it was way too big. This year she only celebrated it with her 2 best friends at home. So, who will eat all those big cake.

About 1 weeks before her birthday, when I was doing some window shopping in a mall nearby, I found this kinderbakset. It is a box that is contained of many small cooking tools for children such as mini round and rectangle baking pan, mini roller pin, and some small cookie cutters. I was so happy to find it and bought it immediately. The size of the baking pan is so perfect for my tier cake.

Now, that I have the pan, I'm ready to make the cake. I already used chocolate cake for her birthday treats (no stick cake pop) so it seems that vanilla and orange cake with vanilla and orange butter cream frosting are perfect for her birthday cake.

What you think about my cake? :) Is it pretty? I colored my butter cream and decorate it with some fondant flowers Thanks to my friend, she gave me her leftover fondant to make this cute flower and even borrowed me her fondant cutter!!! I felt I was really lucky. 

I wrote her name on the cake by myself using store bought icing on tube.
First, I thought, it would make my life easier but I was wrong. The icing was hard to squeeze out and can not stick to the cake nicely. The other one was too watery and too pale and transparent. Kind of disappointed even tough I managed to write her name on the cake.

Do you know that this small  part is actually made from combination of my leftover chocolate cake that I made before for her birthday treats and some leftover scraped orange and vanilla cake that I got from leveling my cake. The story was that I forgot to think about her candle. When the cake was done, my husband asked me where would I place the candle if I put a tiara on the top of the cake. I did not have a small candles otherwise I could place it on the top of the first tier. And suddenly this crazy idea came into my head. I pile up some leftover cake that I have, make it stick into each other with butter cream, cut it square, cover it up with some more butter cream, and decorate it with some chocolate candy and flowers. Voila! Now, I could stick my candle. 

I found this cute little pink tiara in a grocery store and I put it on the top of the cake. To prevent the synthetic pink fur from the tiara stick into the butter cream, I roll a thin layer of fondant  and place it on the top of the cake. After it dry I can place the tiara on it without worrying the butter cream. My daughter loves this tiara. Right after she blew the candle, she and her friend took the tiara and play with it.

This is after I cut my cake. I was using cake pop stick for its support. So, of course I needed to be careful not to serve a slice of cake with cake pop stick inside. My daughter and her friend loved it. Especially the orange cake and orange butter cream. And so did I. :) Well, I have to admit this is not my best cake but i really did my best to make this cake. Next time better, for sure!! Promise

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