Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Still remember my last recipe? Javanese Fried Chicken or Ayam goreng Jawa. Like I told you before, I still have another recipe related with those delicious fried chicken. I'm going to make kremesan or crispy spiced flakes. It is a special condiment that is usually served together with Javanese Fried Chicken. It is very popular back in my hometown and makes the dish even more delicious. It is called kremesan because it is can be crushed very easily just only with bare hand (Kremes means to be crushed with bare hand).

I've learned how to make this condiments many many times using many different kind of recipe and I never succeed. Always failed. It always ended up as an oily fried batter. One time, I got this recipe from my friend's mother including all the tricks that I have to do to make kremesan. I tried it, and the result was awesome. I did it!! It was delicious, crispy and exactly like I wanted. It was not as hard as I thought but it was indeed a little bit tricky. That's why there will be a lot of tip on this recipe. I was using the leftover spiced liquid from making the fried chicken.  Do you want to try it as well?

Ingredients :
  • Leftover spiced liquid mixture from making Javanese Fried chicken
  • Some water
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 65 grams maizena
  • Salt, pepper, and garlic powder
  • Vegetable oil for deep frying
Warning! There will be a lot of oil splatter around the frying pan during the process. Cover the floor, wall, table around the pan with old newspaper if needed to make the cleaning process easier. 

Preparation :
  1. With a measuring glass, measure the volume of your spiced liquid. You should have about 400 ml of liquid.
  2. Add more water into the spiced liquid until you have 600 ml of liquid mixture. Adjust the taste with salt, pepper, and garlic powder if needed.
  3. Pour the mixture into a big bowl.
  4. Add egg yolk and maizena into the mixture. Mix well until all are combined.
  5. In a big deep frying pan, preheat vegetable oil to deep fry the batter. (Tip : the oil has to be very hot to fry the batter. If the oil is not hot enough, the liquid from the batter wont be able to evaporate fast in order to make a hollow texture and the batter will be sticky and sink down into the bottom of the frying pan. This hollow texture is the key to success making this crispy condiment)
  6. Meanwhile, prepare a big plate with few layer kitchen towel on the top of it. Set aside. 
  7. Once the oil is hot (try to drop few drop of batter. If there're a lot of bubbles appears from the batter and the batter does not sink, than the oil is hot enough), stir the batter few times and pour one ladle of batter into the pan. (Tip : Pour the batter from about 10-20 cm height from the surface of the oil to help the batter splash and spread faster and cooked at the same time. Do not pour the batter too slow otherwise it wont be cooked evenly at the same time. Tip : do not pour too much batter as well to make sure all the batter are rise up into the surface of the hot oil evenly. Tip : If your batter is not spread up right away on the surface of the oil but sink down to the bottom of the pan and become very sticky, that means, you were failed. Maybe because of the oil is not hot enough.  Do not give up. Remove it from the pan, wait for another minutes and pour another ladle.)
  8. Right after the batter is poured, you should be able to see a lot of bubbles on the surface of the oil coming out from the batter.
    Few seconds after that, the bubbles will start to disappear and the color of the batter start to become golden brown. 
  9. Once the color become golden brown, with wooden spatula, carefully spoon and fold (do not stir) the fried batter from the edge of the pan into the center of the pan.

  10. Fry it for another few seconds until most of the bubbles are disappear 
  11. With a strainer, remove it from the pan, drain well, and put it on the prepared plate.
  12. Let it cool and harden.
  13. Repeat the process with the rest of the batter.
  14. Serve it with Javanese fried chicken, hot steam rice, and sambal.
  15. Store the rest of the kremesan in an air tight container lined with kitchen towel.
Good luck ^^

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