Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter everyone!! May this Easter spirit gives you all a new hope, faith, spirit, love, and joy. To celebrate Easter this year I've made this cute edible Easter basket because I was getting a little bit bored with painted and decorated boiled egg as usual. So, I made this as a treat for my daughter, son, and some of my daughter's friends.

Actually, the first plan was to make a mini paper basket like the one that I've made for my daughter's birthday treats years ago. I would fill those basket with small chocolate easter candies and chocolates. But like as usual, during the process, I found a nice video tutorial how to make an edible easter basket. It's easier to do (than rolling a lot of papers and weave it into a small basket) and i have almost all of the ingredients available in my kitchen. Beside, I think this could be a good experiment to learn how to deal with chocolate because it's a little bit tricky for me. I still need to learn how to melt and tempering chocolate properly so it wont be melted on the room temperature.

And, this is what I need to do. First, I need to make the strap for the basket.  I was using strawberry candy stripes for the strap (Those are the only candy that I had). The candy was too thin so I made a braid out of it.

This braided candy strips is stronger than single candy strip. But still too weak and can not stand properly. So, I decided to cover it with melted chocolate and put it on refrigerator for about 10 minutes to harden the chocolate.

Now,it's time to make the basket. I just pour about 2 tsp melted chocolate into a muffin paper cup and with a toothpick make the outer of the chocolate basket. .

Now, assemble the strap with the basket and put in in a refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes.  After the chocolate is hardened, carefully peel the paper cup from the chocolate and fill it in with some cute easter chocolate candy. It's cute, isn't it?

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